Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Evolution of Comic Book

Comic Book is basically a medium to present any story or any idea in a visual medium. The first comic book was first popularized in the United States in 1993. It was the first publication which was first popularized in the U.S. in the form of sequential juxtapose panel for the individual scenes.
Earlier comic book was referred to be the best source for the narration of any story in a visual mode. It was published as a story telling books in the starting but as the time gone it was supposed to be the story telling source about any particular fictional superhero or superwoman. Any fictional character was taken as a superhero and narrates story around that character and makes situations which let readers to believe on the story. In 1970, the rise of comic book took place and after that Comic book became most popular among the kids and with the time it became popular among the peoples of all age and became the best source of entertainment and best way to present any fictional story.
In the 19th century to purchase the comic book you have to go on the comic book store and in that comic book store but there is no any surety that you will find all of comic book collection that you want. But as well as time passed out and the popularity of comic book has been increase then the comic book store replaced with Online Comic Book Store in the 20th century.

Now you can get easily all of your desirable comic book and also read some comic books freely by internet. Metropolis Comics book store is one of the famous online comic book store there you will find all of your favorite metro hero’s comic book and also other lot of products like: game cards, super hero cloths, toys etc.

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