Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Indestructible Ironman

Iron Man
Iron Man
Ironman is a fictional character appears as a superhero in comic books, created by STAN LEE. Ironman has also been a member of Avengers and has been featured in many comic book series with various stories.

Iron man is also to known with the name of Tony Stark which suffers from severe chest injury during a kidnapping, in which his captors attempt to force him to build a  weapon of  mass destruction he used a powered suit of armor to save his life and escape captivity.

Later has used the suit to protect the entire worked as Ironman. Ironman is also one of the great superhero. His name has been attached to avengers for a long time. Apart from comic books, he appeared in TV and video games also, through which he collected many audience.

In 2008, First ever film based on Ironman was released on the TV. That was the first film created on the Ironman comic character series. Robert Downey played a marvelous role of Ironman in that film directed by Jon Favreau.

Favreau was first planned to cast a new comer in the role of Tony Stark. But ultimately he had chosen Downey because he felt that he is the best choice for the part of it. The film was gone hit. And Iron Man was selected as one of the ten best films of the year by the American Film Institute. The director was also nominated as best director for the film Ironman.

After that series of Ironman was also casted which also collected many appreciations for the film. In that film Director inherited the first film story's concept and showed Ironman more powerful with more situations and actions.

Ironman today also known for one of the best super heroes and attracts children and youngsters for his marvelous role.

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Incredible Wolverine

Wolverine is regularly known as Logan. Wolverine is an incredible character; he is a superhero and shows up in those books which are distributed by Marvel comics. He is a mutant and he has some remarkable forces like creature sharp faculties, super change physical  competencies and he has additionally an alternate incredible force and a recuperating element that permits him to recuperate from essentially any injury, infection, or poison at a quickened rate.

To start with appearance of Wolverine is in the comic book of "The Incredible Hulk" which is distributed in 1974. Wolverine is the primary characters in the X-Men adjustments, including feature, enlivened TV arrangement, and the no frills twentieth Century.
For the initial three years, a large portion of individuals thought Wolverine's hooks were simply a piece of his gloves. Wolverine was sans outfit, which incorporated his gloves and veil. Wolverine's dress had changed in 1980. In this time wolverine's cover had a feline like face with stubble and eyebrows that went off the sides of the veil.
After that in his next appearance the cover had lost the senseless stubbles and the eyebrows transformed into the enormous wing-like pieces we have all come to know and adoration.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Development of comic books

Comic book is such types of entertainment sources which always entertain all age of persons. It is simply a (image with text) way to represent or express any idea or any story.  First time comic book was popularized in the US in the form of put side by side panel for the individual scenes.  In 1933 first comic book was appeared in the US. After that in 1970, new comics were launched and some new creativity emerged in it which is never sold at news stand.

Comic books are published from America, Japan and Europe, all of these follows a different-2 path.  American became the first in mass media with the spread of newspaper comic strip following the success of Outcault’s the yellow kid. As well as the comics were become popular then their characters were came in the television also and got so much appreciations by the all over world of viewers. According to time and as well as the popularity of comics they were divide in categories like Funny, Action, Science fiction, adventure and super hero. Comic books published many superheroes like Superman, Hulk, Superwoman, Spider man, Ironman, Spidey woman, Captain America and many more. And it made them so popular among all the peoples all around the world.

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