Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Development of comic books

Comic book is such types of entertainment sources which always entertain all age of persons. It is simply a (image with text) way to represent or express any idea or any story.  First time comic book was popularized in the US in the form of put side by side panel for the individual scenes.  In 1933 first comic book was appeared in the US. After that in 1970, new comics were launched and some new creativity emerged in it which is never sold at news stand.

Comic books are published from America, Japan and Europe, all of these follows a different-2 path.  American became the first in mass media with the spread of newspaper comic strip following the success of Outcault’s the yellow kid. As well as the comics were become popular then their characters were came in the television also and got so much appreciations by the all over world of viewers. According to time and as well as the popularity of comics they were divide in categories like Funny, Action, Science fiction, adventure and super hero. Comic books published many superheroes like Superman, Hulk, Superwoman, Spider man, Ironman, Spidey woman, Captain America and many more. And it made them so popular among all the peoples all around the world.

Comic books are very famous as well as comic book store, too, very famous and can be found almost everywhere. And at present time you can find any comics any time at anywhere because you can also shop for comic books store online. Online stores stocks up thousands of comics. Some comic book stores also sell digital comics like metropolis comics store.

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