Friday, July 11, 2014

Era of Comic Book

Comic Book word is much popular word and peoples of every age has been heard and know about it, because it is famous in every age’s people either we talk about young generation or old generation. Comic book word is taken from the word “comic strip”. It is generally a magazine which includes artwork coupled with dialog in narrative style.
The very first comic book was published in US in 1934. In the ancient times, we always used to buy comic books by comic store only and which were in less quantity at that time. Now comic book store is also very popular as much as like comic book and now every city has at least one comic book store around you in your city. You can find comic book store list through your city directory book and if not get any store in it then you can visit on internet and there you will find a lot of comic book store. By online comic book store you can get any types of comic books whatever you want. Generally comic books refers two sub-categories, firstly Humor comic books and second one is Super-Hero adventure stories.
Comic Book word is much popular word and peoples of Humor comic books:
This category has the following 3 subcategories:

• Adult humor titles‎
• British humor comics‎
• Satirical comics‎

Super-hero adventure stories:

Super-hero adventures comics are predominated by two publishers: DC Comics and Marvel Comics.