Friday, October 4, 2013

How is a Comic Book Made?

The art of comic book is not easy. To create a good comic book many details are required. After making a rough sketch by pencil the artist precedes his work according to the guideline. At this stage of development, all the necessary comic book art elements, such as sound effects, dialogue balloons, narrative etc, are included in a dissimilar shadow from the main illustration so that they are distinguishable.

After the final approval, the drawings are sent to the inker, whose role is very important for comic book art. The inker is responsible for introducing adding special effects, shadows, separating the foreground from the background, and carrying out several other tricky tasks. After the completion of inker that comic book is sent to the colorist and then he gives the perfect shade and color of the every character according to the image. A proof copy of the final product is printed and forwarded for the final appraisal.

After completion of all of steps the pages are placed in the correct order, cut, folded, stapled then the comic book is sent for printing.

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